Still and Fashion Photography

Duration - 6 Month
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Still and Fashion Photography

Fashion and photography go hand in hand and professional Fashion Photographers are increasingly in demand because of the dynamic nature of the fashion industry. Through the Still and Fashion Photography program at Dream House, you’ll learn about established and emerging practices in modern fashion photography, as well as have the chance to create highly creative unique work with industry-standard equipment.You’ll receive valuable insight into the working settings of fashion photographers thanks to industry commissions, strong professional networks, and a visiting lecture program that allows you to hear from industry luminaries. Our Fashion Photography program allows you to investigate, actively explore, challenge, and define the role of the photographic image in fashion with this course. Along with honing your technical talents and understanding of visual style, you’ll investigate the critical and ethical issues that concern Fashion Photography in today’s world. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety ofindustry-focused projects to hone your abilities and get professional experience. Ouremphasis on professional development activities gives you project management experience,marketing and promotion knowledge. The course begins with a fundamental understanding of photography, fashion, design, collaboration, and context, which is crucial for any aspiring Fashion Photographer. We’ll concentrate on your professional development as a practitioner and assist you in identifying your employment/self-employment goals.The course is designed to guarantee that as a graduate, you can apply your knowledge and abilities in a professional setting with creativity and commitment. You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the shifting needs facing the Fashion and Photography sectors through placement and industry-facing projects. Throughout your studies, you’ll interact with industry partners, improve your networking skills, as well as your presentation,promotion, and project management skills. This program responds to the needs of a growing market for fashion advertising by integrating photography and film to convey stories, utilizing social media, and utilizing the capacity to reach huge audiences at a low cost through internet marketing. The program integrates technical knowledge with research and conceptual ideas in photography.Professionally led studio classes and workshops stress mastery of current techniques and professional practices, while theory-based and methodology courses assist students in developing their own creative visions. The cutting-edge program focuses on personal and professional growth and stresses practice-based learning.Develop your creative abilities by completing a variety of briefs and activities that combine technical skills with abstract thoughts. You’ll learn about fashion image-making techniques and learn about the functions of expanded creative teams. Learn how to light a room and work in a variety of settings. To improve understanding of the significance of context for picture production, an introduction still image as used across multiple platforms will be studied. As your work is analysed and you receive constructive one-on-one feedback, your confidence will rise. Your in-depth knowledge of Fashion Photography, as well as your real-world experiences, will pave the road for a successful future career path. Our state-of-the art curriculum is grounded in practical learning and team work so that are students are ready to hit the ground running.

Still & Fashion Photography ( Basic 6 Months)

  • The Basic Principles
  • Historical Background Of Photographic Science
  • Fundamentals Of Light
  • Camera
  • Shutter
  • Lens
  • Exposure
  • Printing
  • Toning
  • Filter
  • Depth Of Field
  • Photoshop And Editing
  • Advancements In Camera Technologies
  • Devlopment Of Photography As An Art+


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