Welcome to Dream House Music & Film Academy!

Our campus spans several industry standard production labs that includes a sound stage, post-production labs, recording studios, surround sound mixing studios and more.

Guwahati Central

Guwahati Central is one of the newer structures in the heart of Guwahati city. Home to one of the most popular restaurant chains like Hard Rock Cafe. Here you'll find everything from sound stages, production labs to multi-channel surround sound mixing and recording studio. Behind the building is an apartment complex that accommodate students and faculty.

Dream House-Music & Film Academy

Our campus is located heart of Guwahati, City with a view. Experience campus life through our professional editing labs, interactive sound stages and private screening rooms.? Step onto our sets and get a first-hand look at our Soundstages. Green Screen Stage XR Stage Private Screening Room Editing Lab and more! ?

  • Studio Floor Space | Stage 51 - 4,000 sq.ft. loft style studio space with a three-sided cyclorama chroma screen
  • Auditorium 1 - 2,000 sq.ft. 20 premium-style seater private theatre
  • Auditorium 2 - 2,000 sq.ft. dry space with a ramp
  • Workshop 1 - 4,000 sq.ft. loft style studio space
  • Workshop 2 - 3,000 sq.ft. studio space
  • Workshop 3 - 1,000 sq.ft studio space
  • Recording Studio 1 - 600 sq.ft. recording, mixing and production suite
  • Recording Studio 2 - 1,000 sq.ft. recording, mixing and production suite
  • Surround Sound Mixing Stage - 1,000 sq.ft. multi-channel surround sound mixing stage
  • Library - 600 sq.ft. with a cafe.


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