Duration - 6 Month
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Modelling (6 Months)

  • Modelling industry generic and in india
  • Types of modelling
  • Introduction to fashion
  • How to pose and learnming the difference between hi- fashion, Catalogus and editorial poses
  • Choreography and ramp walk
  • Catwalk technique and basic Posing including your own unique walk (Demonstrative)
  • Camera walk turns and posing (Demonstrative)
  • Classes on skin care
  • Classes on make up
  • Casting technique on tvcs
  • male grooming
  • How to work with your photographyer effectively and professionally and find your best angel
  • Photoraphic posing technique
  • How to pose and learnming the difference between hi- fashion Catalogus and editorial poses
  • Attitude and agency ettiquette
  • Stage persence and charisma
  • Styling modelling with accessories and backstage perpartion
  • How to work with your face and body shape
  • Dos ant donts of the modelling world
  • Yoga-sangeeta
  • Meditation and breathing technique
  • World of nutritoin
  • personality develoment
  • Portffolio planing
  • Networking in modelling world
  • Promoting yourself in the industry
  • Hot tips from experts that only industry insiders can tell you
  • Interacttive events and workshops by industry leaders
  • How to find right modelling angel for you
  • How to persent yourself at Casting


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