Singing (Hindustani / Western)

Duration - 1 Year
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Dream House Academy provides students the opportunity to learn the art of Hindustani and Western singing with its one of its kind course. A true blend of the best of both desi and videsi world, this course will take you on a truly musical rollercoaster ride. Our instructors and professors are on a mission to ignite the passion for music in all our students. Starting with the basic elements like melody, rhythm, beat, pitch, this program goes on to explore the more advanced elements of singing.

This program will also help you develop vital skills like participation, confidence as well as collaboration. This is just the right course for you if you wish to learn the art of soulful music. It contains the basic singing exercises for beginners that are required to begin vocal training in the Hindustani classical music tradition. It includes basic svara vocal exercises for all shuddha and komal svaras, as well as simple and more complicated paltas. These are the first singing exercises for novices learning Hindustani classical music, and they are required before continuing with any other vocal training.

We get to know you as a vocalist thanks to our individualised learning technique. We’ll tailor a learning experience for you, working with you to explore your future career goals, foster your natural talent, and provide ongoing chances for live performances, auditions, recording, touring, and career development. You’ll also dramatically enhance your vocal technique and performing skills while you’re doing it. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of theory, methodology, and principles, with examples from contemporary music, and you’ll develop basic ensemble skills, understand breathing and warm-ups, gain confidence in your singing, and be able to perform proficiently along with other vocalists by the end of the course.

This dynamic and decidedly forward-thinking degree will prepare you for a career as a professional portfolio musician in today’s ever-evolving music industry by providing you with the playing, performing, technical, and theoretical abilities you’ll need. In our fast- paced, increasingly digital realm, the modern music industry has recently seen numerous opportunities to expand, bringing performers, musicians, audiences, and music lovers together in new and exciting ways. This curriculum embraces the global music revolution, allowing you to concentrate on singing style of your choice while learning cutting-edge business and technological skills that will set you apart once you graduate. Collaboration is a major focus of the degree; through live performance workshops, you’ll make strong bonds with your classmates, be motivated to network, collaborate on projects with students from other courses, and receive individualized instrumental criticism.

We are privileged to collaborate with exceptional classical singing tutors that will gladly assist you in learning if you are a complete novice or improving your skills if you are a seasoned amateur singer. Whatever your current level of ability, you can be confident that you will receive the most appropriate classical singing lessons in a non-judgmental and relaxing setting. We feel we have all of the technical and social talents required to assist you in achieving your ambitions and being the outstanding singer you’ve always wanted to be!

Basic Singing (6 Months)

    A. Basic fundamentals, aspects of music :
    • Swar
    • Laya
    • Scales
    • Taal
    • Aaroh
    • Avaroh Etc
    B. Knowledge of Taal / Rhythm
    • Teentaal
    • Keherwa
    • Dadra
    C. Alankar / Swar Workout
    • Various Sargam Pattern Exercises
    • Rhythymic Pattern Play
    • Recording Notes & Patterns
    D. Knowledge of Raag
    • Yaman (Kalyan)
    • Bhupali (Bhoop)
    • Bhairav
    • Bhairavi
    • Desh
    • Bageshri
    Knowledge of Semi Classical Music
    • Bhajan
    • Thumri
    • Geet
    • Sufi

Advance Singing (6 Months)

    A. Studio Ethics & Discipline
    • Studio Principles
    • Studio Manners
    • Knowing Microphones
    • Understanding Basic Equipments
    • Parameters Of Recording
    • Pronounciation & Vocal Clarity
    • Playback Techniques
    B. Core Preparation
    • Improvising Techniques
    • Composing & Writing Skills
    • Ear Training
    • Resonance Workouts
    • Jamming Session
    • Harmony & Choir Perfomance
    C. The Stage
    • Understanding Stage
    • Stage Ethics & Discipline
    • Confidence Building Sessions
    • Stage Fear Workouts
    • Overall Personality Grooming
    D. Exposures
    • Recording Of Songs Of Sucessful Students
    • Interactions & Workshops With Celebrity Singers
    • Live Stage Perfomances
    • Preparing For Reality Shows
    • Making Of Music Video Of Successful Students
    • Knowing The Chords, Harmony And Time Signature
    E. Preparation Of Various Melodies
    • Classic Songs (2)
    • Old Songs (2)
    • Latest Songs (2)
    F. Voice Culture
    • Voice Culture
    • Note Identity
    • Raag / Madhuvati
    • Todi
    • Puriadhanshree
    • Difference Between Classical & Light Music
    G. Knowledge Of Taal / Rhythm
    • Deepchandi
    • Jhaptaal
    • Ekta
    H. Ghazal
    I. Knowing The Chords, Harmony And Time Signature


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