Duration - 1 years
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    Basic Kids Acting (3 Months)

  • Introduction Of Acting I
  • Opening Up Exercises I
  • Concentration Exercises I
  • Diction I
  • Voice Culture I
  • Speech I
  • Understanding The Nine Emotions I
  • Monolouges I
  • Scenes I
  • Acting With Seniors I
  • Play (Drama) I

    Advance Kids Acting (6 Months)

  • Introduction Of Acting II
  • Opening Up Exercises II
  • Concentration Exercises II
  • Diction II
  • Voice Culture II
  • Speech II
  • Understanding The Nine Emotions II
  • Monolouges II
  • Scenes II
  • Acting With Seniors II
  • Play (Drama) II
  • Projects
  • Character Study
  • Scene Study
  • Audition Techniques


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