Independent Music Producers

Duration - 2 years
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Independent Music Producers

Acquire an advanced education in creating and producing music from DHMFA . Throughout this program, you will learn to multitrack record, overdub, edit, sound synthesis, sound designing, music producing, music programming and mix music in a variety of styles using complex digital audio systems. This program will give you the analytical and professional skills needed for a variety of music production-focused careers including music producer, recording engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, live sound engineer, sound technician, and more.

Completion of the Independent Music Producers course, you will be able to:

  • Operate any pro digital audio workstation with efficiency and proficiency using the standards of an audio professional
  • Produce, Recording, mixing and Mastering using a experienced musical ear developed through intensive music theory, harmony, and ear training.
  • Lead a recording session with the technological and musical authority to bring out the best sound and performances in your collaborators.
  • Achieve Pro-level recording quality in a variety of recording and production environments, whether it’s in a Professional studio or a Home Studio with minimal gear.
  • Draw upon a repertoire of creative production techniques and practices that will stand the test of time amid technological advances and emerging styles.
  • Develop your unique style as a producer while also having the flexibility to work on any project or genre.
  • Demonstrate audio engineering expertise that utilizes state of the art technology and puts to use a comprehensive knowledge of mechanics and acoustics.
  • Incorporate acquired knowledge into an intellectual frame of reference to apply to all aspects of music production.
  • Create music for commercials and Films Score.
  • repair, maintain, fault finding and solving problem of your Computer and Hardware


  • Introduction to Different types of DAWs and Studio Environment
  • Critical Listening
  • Audio Fundamentals for Recording
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Creative Music Production Skills
  • Music Production Analysis
  • Music Production Capstone
  • Music Foundations & Music Theory
  • Introduction to studio gears [Console, monitors, microphones, audio interface, patchbay and outboard equipment]
  • Basic Ear Training
  • Ear Training for Sound Engineering
  • Ear Training for Live Performance
  • Harmonic Ear Training: Recognizing Chord Progressions
  • Arranging Rhythm Section
  • Arranging Melody Instruments
  • Vocal Production
  • Arranging and Producing Contemporary Music Styles
  • Contemporary Vocal Arranging
  • Studio Acoustics
  • Sound Engineering for the Electronic Musician
  • DAW Sampling Techniques
  • Advanced Recording Techniques [MIDI/MMC/SMPTE/Synchronization]
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Art of Mixing
  • Audio Mastering Techniques
  • Advanced Mixing and Mastering with DAW
  • Mixing and Mastering for the Electronic Musician
  • Sound Synthesis and DSP
  • Creating and designing Sound, Synth and Sampler with NI Reaktor and Max 8
  • Fundamental of Electronics, Computer Hardware/Software[ Installation/Optimization for Audio Recording and Music production]
  • Soldering, making and repairing different types of cables for microphones and Instruments
  • Mathematics for Musicians
  • Composing music for Commercials
  • Introduction to Game Audio
  • Game Audio Production with Wwise
  • Game Music Design Principles
  • Audio Post Production for Film and TV
  • Live Streaming Techniques
  • Sound Designing (Foley & SFX) For Visuals [Film/Commercials/Video Game]
  • Mixing & Mastering Sound For Visuals [Film/Commercials/Video Game (Stereo/5.1/7.1/7.1.4)]
  • Creative Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for Music and Visuals
  • History of Film Music
  • Music History of the Western World
  • Developing Your Artistry
  • Introduction to Digital Cinematography
  • Literature Studies for Musicians
  • Business Communications
  • New Media Economics: Music, Mobile, Gaming, and Online Markets
  • Music Business Finance


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