Film And Video Editing

Duration - 6 Months
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Film And Video Editing

Editing is one of the finest art involved with the entire process of film making. It is the creative technique through which an editor assemble various shots to give shape to desired sequences which eventually turn into a full film. Editors put best efforts in such a way that viewers even can’t feel the progress of the sequences of the film while engaged with the story. Thus an editor’s role is very dynamic and vital in the whole film making process. Video editing is the technique of applying special effects and a background score to edit portions of motion video production footage after it has been shot. A video editor is a person who is in charge of the production and post-production of videos (movies, tv shows, advertisements, documentaries, etc.) Video editors are crucial to any video production because they edit, assemble, and add soundtracks to the moving images to create the final result. A video editor collaborates closely with the director to produce the finest possible final video production that effectively and compellingly communicates a story. You’ll learn how to add segment effects, create visual transition effects, and access effects from the effect’s palette, among other things. You’ll also learn how to move segments in the timeline, overwrite a clip onto the timeline when using camera cards, and other useful topics.

Video Editing course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills they need to edit video on a variety of platforms, allowing them to create more refined and engaging video productions. Our specialized teachers have devised unique teaching methods to help applicants learn how to assemble raw video material, repair defective film, grade video, and apply special effects to complete broadcast-ready video products. You will learn about a variety of themes, tools, and strategies to help you turn a pile of material into a cinematic masterpiece with our course. You can take your skills to the next level with classes in editing software, filmmaking, and video storytelling, all taught by talented editors and filmmakers. Whether you’re looking for online film editing classes for beginners or have a lot of experience cutting films and videos, you can take your skills to the next level with classes in editing software, filmmaking, and video storytelling, all taught by talented editors and filmmakers.

You may learn how to make better how-to videos, documentaries, travel stories, music videos, wedding films, advertisements, and movies that stand out by learning video editing techniques. The course prepares students to be cognitively rich, culturally aware, and capable of engaging with many kinds of cinema. The course provides students with a variety of opportunities to practise the art and craft of editing while also establishing their own unique style. In the first semester, students participate in a shared integrated module before beginning their editing specialization.

Film & Video Editing (6 months)

  • Equipment and the Hardware Techniques of editing for Film,Tv
  • Programmes,Documentary,and Advertising videos
  • Audio post-production equipment and synchronization
  • Basic The Preliminary stage of film editing
  • knowledge of Graphics and Animation
  • Identification of shots
  • Continuity
  • Time,Pace,Rhythm
  • Film and The sound
  • Image Size and Camera angle
  • Media management
  • Track laying
  • Color grading


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