Screenplay & Script Writing

Storytelling is as old as human experience, language, and the need to make sense of life. It's only a matter of trying to conceive a story without characters to know that the two are completely linked.

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Direction & Production of Film and Television

Film is not a language, but it is like a language, so some of the methods that we use to study language might profitably be applied to a study of film. Film has no grammer.

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Film And Video Editing

Editing is one of the finest art involved with the entire process of film making. It is the creative technique through which an editor assemble various shots to give shape to desired sequences which eventually turn into a full film.

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Music Production, Sound Engineering and Mixing of Film & TV

Acquire an advanced education in Music Production, Sound Engineering and Mixing of Film & TV from DHMFA . Throughout this program, you will learn to multitrack record, overdub, edit, sound synthesis, sound designing, music producing, music programming and mix music...

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VFX and Animation

Computer animation is the art of creating moving images via the use of computers. It is subfield of computer graphic and animation. Increasingly it is created by means of 3D computer graphics though 2D computer graphics are still widely used for low bandwidth and faster real time rendering needs.

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Color Correction (D.i.)

This program covers 3d animation, visual effects, character design, game design, and other topics. Candidates will learn how to use a variety of tools and approaches to produce animated visuals and high-quality graphics for films, television shows, and other live action movies. The field's opportunities are growing all the time.

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