Duration - 1 Year
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Cinematography is the art and technique of camera and lighting in the making of a motion picture film. It involves technical concerns such as camera, lens, format, various aspect ratios and lighting instruments just to name a few, as well as various methods related to composition. Here in cinematography department students are taught how tell a story through images and camera movements.

Students will be able to effectively supervise the production of intricate lighting schemes after graduating, as they will be adept with many of the state-of-the-art camera systems utilised by professional cinematographers today. Above all, they will be able to successfully use cinema's visual resources to convey meaningful stories.

They will be immersed in a rigorous schedule of classroom instruction, teacher-led workshops, and extracurricular activities. This class assumes no prior experience of cinematography, but at the end, students will be proficient in the essentials of exposure, composition, lighting, and set etiquette. A competitive arena for students to develop their technical skills and artistic identities is provided throughout the programme by a combination of classroom instruction, practical hands-on workshops, individual and collaborative projects, and instructor-led shows. Optics, light metering techniques, HD video, and digital cinema cameras, basic lighting, composition principles, colour theory, film and camera movement using the dolly will be covered during the course. Multiple camera systems and modern lighting tools will be used to simulate a variety of conditions that cinematographers may encounter in the real world, including the mixing of natural and artificial light and the combination of different colour temperatures. Students will learn the art and craft of cinematography. This program is designed for today's industry and will teach you how to think visually. You’ll earn a firm foundation in cinematic storytelling and graduate with the skills you’ll need to break into this fast-paced, ever-changing field. Our program trains young artists in the traditions and innovations of an ever-changing media landscape anchored in visual storytelling. Graduates of the program develop a unique blend of artistic vision and developing technology abilities, preparing them to be among the most versatile and dynamic cinematographers working today.

Students will graduate with a better grasp of the cinematography process after learning about all of the key roles on set. As a result, aspiring cinematographers and filmmakers will benefit from this course. This practical and in-depth course, led by experienced camera and lighting experts, covers a wide range of topics in cinematography, including lighting, camera operation, focus, field of depth, lens manipulation, colour theory and grading. Students will get hands-on experience working in the camera department on a short film in a studio setting using a high-end HD camera.

We introduce students to the wide world of cinema. We organize weekly screenings as a part of our curriculum so that students get a better understanding of how to critically and technically analyse movies and films. Students also have access to a wide range of books that are available in the library.

    Cinematography - (1 Year)

  • History Of Cinematography
  • Camera & Camera Accessories
  • Introduction To Sensor 1
  • Lens, Exposure & Aspect Ratio
  • Filter
  • Framing & Composition
  • How To Read A Script
  • Going On A Recce
  • Shooting For News Reel, Documentry & Ad Films
  • Understanding Lighting 1
  • Shooting Day For Night
  • Camera Team
  • Camera Movement & Camera Operation
  • Arial Cinematography
  • Journey From Hd Cinema To Digital Cinema
  • Sensor 2
  • Understanding Colour In Digital Cinema
  • Understanding Wfm & Vectroscope
  • Linear, Gama, Log
  • Digital Work Flow
  • Vfx Shooting
  • Lighting 2
  • Constructing & Deconstructing A Scene
  • Continuity
  • Understanding Time In Cinema
  • Underwater Cinematography


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