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My graduation ceremony was postponed, do I still need to complete a graduation application?

Yes! To ensure we have your full and accurate mailing information please complete a graduation application prior to your scheduled graduation date.

  • How will I receive my diploma/certificate?

Your diploma/certificate will be mailed to you at the address provided on your graduation application. However, you can collect your diploma/certificate from the campus as well. Though, you must schedule your visit by coordinating with your moderator. For changes or updates to your address email info@dreamhousemusic&

  • When will I receive my diploma/certificate?

Diplomas/certificates typically take 1-4 weeks for processing/shipping. However, it may take longer during this time. If you are in need of transcripts or proof of graduation you may request those items contacting your moderator.

  • Will there be a virtual ceremony?

Not at the moment. We are currently work on it and update soon!

For answers to any questions not addressed here please email info@dreamhousemusic&

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