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Making and Production Of Film and Television

Earn your diploma/certificate in film

At our film school, you’ll learn how to make movies, TV shows and become part of the entertainment industry. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers with our hands-on curriculum based on real film productions.

Our Film Program offers both Certificate and a Diploma in Film. Our Course builds on the foundation of film theory and are applied in an experiential learning environment. What are you waiting for?

Our course provides professional film education in a hands-on environment and in our own studios. Our instructors are working professionals in film and television industry. Here you will acquire a solid understanding of the major aspects of the filmmaking process- from Pre-production till Post-production, as well as becoming multi-skilled and adaptive. You might choose  collaborative storytelling or prefer working  as a lone auteur . As you begin your career in the industry , you learn how to swiftly adjust to the professional world.

You'll work with a diverse group of incredibly bright and high-calibre guest speakers and tutors from across the country, many of whom are currently working in the field. Our instructors share their knowledge and provide practical, up-to-date instruction in film production for both fictional and non-fictional narratives. When students graduate from our program, they will have developed their filmmaking talents, teamwork  spirit, and will become well-versed in all aspects of the filmmaking process. The program's mission is to blend creative, intellectual, technical, and professional abilities in an industry-standard context. To this purpose, interactive lectures, seminars, workshops, and screenings are hosted, which are subsequently followed by shared film projects, in-company job placements, and individual study in a practical setting. Students receive hands-on training from industry professionals in six filmmaking disciplines - filmmaking, cinematography, editing, and sound engineering, vfx & animation and music production as part of our unique approach to film education. Because of the intense training in many positions, alumni of our academy go on to become well-rounded filmmakers who can thrive in their chosen specialty while being flexible in a collaborative industry.


Students develop a sizable showreel of work ready to make their mark as  world-class filmmaker thanks to the number of films made and career-focused study. The focus of our course is to develop your particular professional growth, and it will provide you with the abilities to apply critical thinking and how it affects your chosen specialisation. Through practise, you will deepen your theoretical understanding of filmmaking and contextualise it. You will be taught to understand that filmmaking is not only technique and science but also about art and personal expression. This will allow you to make films with depth that address issues, concepts, and perhaps at times question established structures that will be relevant to you throughout your career. We take pleasure in our innovative approach; our goal is to develop world-class filmmakers who can tell engaging tales.


No film education is complete without first-hand experience of the highly collaborative environment that filmmaking necessitates, and students collaborate with one another and teachers to develop their own unique interests while receiving hands-on training in all aspects of filmmaking. Students are placed behind the camera from the beginning to learn about the myriad visual, dramatic, and technological obstacles that a director faces. This includes supporting their crews as assistant director, costume director, assistant cameraperson,  gaffer/grip, production manager, art assistant that each student gets a lot of experience on site. Our courses are built on the principle of total immersion, with lessons learnt in the classroom being applied directly to creative cinema productions created by students, constituting the foundation of their education.

Course Duration:

6 Month - Certificate in Filmmaking

12 Month - Diploma in Filmmaking

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