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Create your future with Acting

Make yourself stand out with a Certificate in Acting. Our program teaches you the skills needed to enhance your skills and make you a better performer.

The course trains students to be culturally aware, intellectually rich, and capable of engaging with a wide range of films. The course gives students a range of opportunities to practice editing as an art and a craft while also developing their own distinct style. Before commencing their editing specialization, students participate in a shared integrated module in the first semester. This one-of-a-kind theatre curriculum gives you a wide range of opportunities to develop and express your creativity, as well as a wide range of drama and theatrical employment options to consider after graduation.


Through screen characterization, on-camera experience, and audition etiquette and standards, students will learn to express themselves. Students will graduate with a strong understanding of the industry, including its history, operation, and hierarchy, as well as professional standards. Students learn how to be successful actors in the profession through workshop simulations, on-camera exercises, voice-over demos, green-screen training, and motion-capture suit training. Actors are being asked to characterise in new and intriguing ways as a result of technology improvements in the film business. Students will be taught the fundamentals of how to use this new technology. In a variety of educational, recreational, and commercial activities, an ever-expanding local film and screen business provides a constant demand for fresh faces and new talent. Thus, students have ample opportunities available after the completion of this course. We're certain that by experimenting with different creative strategies rather than following a prescriptive, regulated schedule, you'll find a manner of working that best suit you. Dream House Academy is a place where faculty supports students through all parts of training — from performance opportunities to personal wellbeing to professional contacts — and where individual skills and abilities are found and invested in. Through a deeper understanding of theory, text analysis, technique, movement, and voice, you'll develop your acting artistry for a wide range of performance opportunities.


The course introduces you to the core principles of acting and prepare you for the technical and creative demands of the acting industry. Great acting necessitates a thorough understanding of dynamics and performing craft. Being an involved audience member is where an actor's craft begins and continues. You'll learn how to enjoy, examine, assess, and discuss the work of top-notch performers and filmmakers. You'll take part in group viewings and discussions of a specially curated selection of film and television classics, oddities, and art, and you'll prepare for each session by researching aspects of each film and or acting performance, so you'll be ready for the passionate discussion that follows each viewing.


You'll be pushed to express yourself outside of your "comfort zone" and abandon acting choices that result in safe, uninteresting, lifeless performances. By discovering your own innate talent to mine the countless possibilities of real expression available to you, you will begin to extend your acting options. You will acquire more confidence, be less cautious, and feel free to experiment with a greater sense of youthful wonder if you use this open-minded approach to your playing roles.

Course Duration:

6 Month - Certificate in Acting

12 Month - Diploma in Acting


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